Public Works

The City of South Hutchinson Public Works Department supports the community vision through effective management of the city's infrastructure. In an effort to support a vibrant community that is growing and accessible to our neighbors, the department provides professional maintenance services with a focus on the beautification of city corridors, neighborhoods, public spaces, and our parks and recreation system. The City of South Hutchinson Public Works Department believes that by directly contributing in these areas, we are promoting a safe, vibrant, and accessible community for both our residents and our visitors.

Maintenance of City Corridors, Neighborhoods & Public Spaces
With a focus on ensuring that the City of South Hutchinson remains safe and accessible, the public works department regularly provides maintenance to city streets, including pothole repairs, street sweeping services, street sign maintenance, and streetlight maintenance. The public works department also oversees the Pavement Preservation Program, an annual street rehabilitation program in which public works staff works closely with local contractors to provide large-scale improvements to streets throughout the city in need of repair.

Recognizing that public meeting spaces are an integral part of community connections, the public works department provides regular professional custodial maintenance to all community facilities, including City Hall, the community center, and our parks.

Beautification & Maintenance of Our Parks & Recreation System
The public works department regularly maintains the city's parks, which includes Lionette Park, Voss Park and water splash pad, and our community center which is available for rent to the public. The public works department oversees the health and well-being of trees on city property. In addition to overseeing the annual tree trimming program, staff regularly engages in the mulching, watering, removal, and planting of all public trees.

Management of Public Utilities
The Public Works Department maintains and operates a state-of-the-art wastewater treatment facility and associated infrastructure which processes approximately 274,000,000 million gallons of wastewater annually. Our water system produces approximately 325,000,000 gallons of water per year.

The department is responsible for providing underground utility locates for both water and sewer service lines, conducts water service line repairs, and regularly performs sewer jetting work throughout the city. The department services water main breaks and maintains 24-hour on-call staffing in the event of an after-hours emergency.

As a courtesy to our residents, the public works department operates a burn pile for tree limbs or brush on weekdays during normal business hours. It is also open on the second Saturday of each month from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Maintain the water system including wells, mains, valves, lines and over 900 meters
  • Provide safe, reliable water service
  • Provide high quality customer service for all residents and users

Contact Info

Ronnie Pederson
2 South Main St.
(620) 663-7104

Rene Thompson
Utilities Clerk
2 South Main St.
(620) 663-7104