Fiber Internet

Frequently Asked Questions

How will this project benefit South Hutchinson?

South Hutchinson recognizes broadband as an essential utility. The entire City of South Hutchinson will have fiber built to homes and businesses. A future-proof solution, fiber is a scalable option to help the city build a strong economic foundation.

What are the prices?

South Hutchinson worked with IdeaTek to develop an extremely competitive pricing structure that will allow residents to get fiber internet for as low as $39.95 a month. The top-tier residential package will include speeds as high as gigabit (symmetrical 2,000 Mbps upload and download), which will give residents the opportunity to get the fastest speeds available in the country. It’s also truly unlimited data – no data caps, no throttling and no contracts. For more information, visit the South Hutchinson landing page at

Why was IdeaTek chosen to build this project?

With its headquarters based down the road in Buhler, IdeaTek is a local company that can offer local support and customer service and has reputation for providing quality, high-speed internet. South Hutchinson also wanted to support a  Kansas- and Reno County-based company.

Who is paying for the project?

Like our roads, bridges and water treatment facilities, South Hutchinson sees fiber internet as a necessary utility to help the city grow its economic base. IdeaTek will construct the project via a Special Tax Assessment as a result of the development of a Community Improvement District (CID). Once built, revenue from the network will pay for this project. 

Will this cause my taxes to increase?

No. This project will not affect property taxes or city sales tax. IdeaTek will pay for this project from the revenue generated from the project. 

I’m interested. Can you tell me more?

Absolutely! The first step is to go to and enter your address. IdeaTek will call you when they are ready to begin installations in your neighborhood.