Reno County Veterans Memorial

The Reno County Veterans Memorial is located in the City of South Hutchinson. It is dedicated to remembering all those who have bravely served and represented Reno County in all branches of the US military. Reno County veterans, living or deceased, from all conflicts and eras are recognized for their contributions to protecting American freedom at home and abroad. The memorial represents the commitment of all citizens of Reno County to honor those who chose to enter into military service.

Inspired by the National Vietnam Memorial and other local veteran's memorials, the Reno County Veterans Memorial is focused on names of those who served from Reno County or called Reno County home. The seven granite panels will hold the names of 10,000-15,000 Reno County veterans beginning with those who served in the Civil War through today. The memorial site will also feature two static displays of retired military vehicles as well as flags representing all branches of the US military.

Partnerships and Sponsors

The Reno County Veterans Memorial is a community based project to build an enduring monument to the contributions of those who have served in the military. Led by a partnership with the American Legion, VFW and the City of South Hutchinson, a proposed site was developed near the intersection of K-96 and US-50. A driving force behind the project is the desire for location to hold ceremonies, celebrations and remembrances of all those who proudly served. Contributions and encouragement from many local businesses led to the creation of a design and site plan for the memorial.

Thank you to all our supporters: Garber Surveying Services, Mann and Company Architecture, Engineering and Design of Hutchinson, Engineering Consultants, PA, Professional Engineering Consultants, PA, The Hutchinson News, LogicMaze, and Market South Hutchinson.

Historical Salt Discovery Site

The salt industry is one of the most important businesses in South Hutchinson and Hutchinson and will remain so for decades to come. The historical discovery site is located a quarter mile west of Main Street on DesMoines in South Hutchinson, west of McDonalds. This is the site of the Salt Discovery Well where in 1887 Ben Blanchard found salt. Here, you can view the original uncovered well, learn about the discover of salt and see an example of the large salt rocks that are common to area mines.

Our Lady of Guadalupe

Located at the corner of Avenue F and Maple, Our Lady of Gaudalupe is the center of South Hutchinson's Catholic community. The church was founded in 1927 to serve the Hispanic population of the Hutchinson diocese. Today that rich cultural history is on display during the annual Fiesta event, held the first weekend in June each year, and through the beautiful art work throughout the complex.

One must see example is the statue dedicated to the Virgin Mother. Created by artist Fred Henze and dedicated in 1979, the statue is a stunning example of modern sculpture with traditional Catholic motifs. The dedication inscription reads: "Virgin Mother of our Savior and Patroness of the Americas. We come to you seeking your help as you promised at the Tepeyac. Please Love and Protect us."