New Home Construction Grant

On 09/21/2020 the City of South Hutchinson adopted the New Home Construction Grant. Persons who build or construct a new Single-Family Home that meet the following requirements will be eligible for a $5,000.00 cash payment at closing and it will be noted on the building permit.


1. There has to be a minimum investment of $100,000.00.
2. New home must be in the City Limits in a taxed Platted Development.
3. All Building and Zoning requirements met.
4. A Certificate of Occupancy has been issued from the City.
5. Utility connection fees have been paid and utility billing information has been set up with the City.

Payment will be made at the next available Appropriation period approved by the South Hutchinson City Council after closing.

If you have any questions pertaining to the requirements or the case payment, call the City Office at (620) 663-7104.