Water Utility

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Maintain the water system including wells, mains, valves, lines and over 900 meters
  • Provide safe, reliable water service
  • Provide high quality customer service for all residents and users

About Our Water

Water is produced at wells and is treated with chlorine for sterilization. From the wells, water is pumped to one of two water towers. The towers are connected the distribution system where it is distributed to over 1000 customers. At each customer's connection water follows through the meter which registers the volume used in gallons. Meter readers pull information off each meter every month which is inputted into the billing system. 

In 2016-17, the City replaced all the meters in the system with a new radio reading capable SENSUS system. The new system allows residents to more closely monitor their consumption through a web portal. The radio read system also eliminates the the need to read each individual meter by hand.

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