Goal 5: Youth Development

GOAL 5: Increase opportunities for young adult involvement in community project, government and leadership roles

Goal 5: Objectives

  • Develop a “young professionals” group or partner with a similar group in Hutchinson.
  • Seek partnerships with Hutchinson/Reno County Chamber’s leadership program; develop a smaller-scale version.
  • Develop mentoring programs matching existing business owners with new business owners.
  • Create opportunities, partnerships, internships for upper middle school, Nickerson High School and Hutchinson Community College students to shadow and participate in activities and operations of representatives of the business community and city government (city council, economic development organizations); target students enrolled in social studies classes.
  • Create programs to develop young leaders in government—youth council, young professionals council.
  • Create a program to recruit community and business volunteers in the schools Expand existing partnerships involving South Hutchinson Elementary School and city fire and police departments.

Progress Report

Progress reports for each goal are provided on a quarterly basis to the City Council. The updated provided only notes the changes from the previous update. A full update is available in the document library.This update was provided to the City Council on July 17, 2017.
  • The City facilitated a community learning based project with Mennonite Friendship Communities and South Hutchinson Elementary run by a Hutch High student.
  • The City hosts the 3rd grand class from SHES for Patriots Day, on September 11 of each year. The students get to see the SHPD, SHFD, Public Works and general government.
  • SHPD and SHFD continue to expand their presence at the SHES when staffing allows.