Housing Incentives

New Home Construction Grant

On 09/21/2020, the City of South Hutchinson adopted the New Home Construction Grant.  Persons who build or construct a new Single-Family Home that meet certain requirements will be eligible for a $5,000.00 cash payment at closing and it will be noted on the Building Permit.  Learn more at New Home Construction Grant

Residential Utility Credit Program

The City of South Hutchinson offers a utility credit program to those who purchase a single family home in the City of South Hutchinson. Credits are for the minimum utility charges for City water and sewer service, totaling $33.91 per month. The program is available to all homes purchased in the City of South Hutchinson. Length of the credits is determined by the type of home. Existing single family homes purchased and occupied receive a six (6) month credit. New home construction is eligible for a two (2) year credit.

In an effort to promote employees of South Hutchinson businesses living in the community, an additional six (6) month credit is given to individuals or spouses that work at a business located in South Hutchinson.