Snow Removal

Road Treatment
Streets employees monitor approaching weather systems for potential ice and snow. In preparation of major events, employees can pretreat the city’s main arterial roads with a mixture of salt and sand. Applying the mixture prevents ice from forming on the road way, provides for additional traction to motorists and simplifies snow removal. The City has previously used a brine solution pretreatment, but due to lack of local availability of brine that product is no longer used.

Snow Removal Protocol
In a weather event, city crews remove snow and ice on major arterial streets first after the snow and/or ice have finished. Major streets include:
  • Avenue F / Scott Boulevard
  • Blanchard Avenue
  • Main Street
  • Poplar Street
  • Sixth Street
Time and circumstances permitting, crews then clear and treat residential streets. In the event of snowfall, it is recommended that cars be removed from all city streets to prevent being plowed in.

Emergency Snow Routes
In 2015, the City Council adopted Ordinance 15-863 providing for emergency snow routes. When more than 2 inches of snow is predicted, parking on those designated routes is prohibited. Residents will have 2 hours from the declaration of snow emergency to remove their vehicles in posted areas. 

Private Property
City crews are not allowed to go on private property. When clearing streets, snow is pushed to the curb. In some cases snow is pushed to the front of driveways. While this can be inconvenient, it is not intentional, but will not be removed by city crews. Alleyways are only cleared if time permits.

Additional Information
Questions or comments regarding snow removal directed to City Hall at 620-663-7104.