Road Construction

Gravel Roads
South Hutchinson’s street department maintains all existing road surfaces and drainage ways. Though many streets are asphalt or concrete in South Hutchinson, there are a large number of gravel roads that are maintained across the city. City crews address many issues with gravel roads including surface smoothing and dust control.

Hard-Surfaced Road Conversion
In the Summer of 2015, the City Council approved developing a three phase plan to convert all the gravel streets in town to hard-surfaced streets. The process was piloted in 2014 on Plum Street from Avenue F to Avenue C and Wilbeck Drive. During the process the existing road surface is mixed mechanically with a concrete slurry solution. The road is then a 8" to 12" subsurface that is essentially concrete. A chip and fog seal application are then added as a wear surface. The result is a hard-surfaced road with a strong concrete base. 

Three phases were determined by dividing the community into sections. Traffic analysis was used to determine that the most highly traveled section was in the neighborhoods west of Main Street. That area will constitute the first phase which is set to be completed in 2016. The second phase will be the portion of the community north of Blanchard. The third phase will be the portion of the community south of Blanchard. Phases 2 and 3 will be planned in the 2017 and 2018 respectively provided funding continues to be available.

New Subdivisions
Infrastructure including roads and utilities can be installed by petition of the landowner. Property must be annexed into the city and the developer must provide a 15% letter of credit to be eligible for the special assessment process. Special assessments will be available as debt capacity allows. Developers can also build infrastructure to city standard and dedicate it back to the city at their own cost. Those interested in a new subdivision are advised to contact Matt Stiles or James Dull at 620-663-7104 for more details.